Episode 45

Practicing family law with Sharni Mwenda

Sharni is a family lawyer and has been practicing exclusively in the area of family law for the past 15 years. Prior to this, she worked at Legal Aid Western Australia for 4 years whilst undertaking my university study.

Sharni deals with all aspects of family law- children’s arrangements, property settlement, spousal maintenance, child support, divorce, relocation. adoption, and binding financial agreements (including those commonly referred to as “pre-nups”).

She is trained as an Independent Children’s Lawyer and acts on behalf of children as appointed by the Family Court of Western Australia. She is also a Collaborative Practitioner, is and on the Council of Collaborative Professionals Western Australia.

Sharni is opening up her own firm later this month (March) called Align Family Law, which focuses on supporting and empowering clients through their separation journey.

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